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Frances Maddin
Telephone: (604) 873-4049
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The Clinical Trials Centre at 888, West 8th Avenue in Vancouver represents an opportunity for developing and conducting clinical trials in the field of dermatology. Under the direction of Dr. Richard Thomas, assisted by Drs. Charles Morton and Gillian de Gannes, the Clinical Trials Centre conducts human clinical trials from early Phase II to Phase IV studies. As an independent trials unit, the Centre offers enhanced facilities, experienced personnel, rapid turnaround and the opportunity for cost savings.

Upcoming Studies

If you are interested in participating in a future study for any of the following skin problems:

and you live in the Vancouver area, please hit the contact tab and send us your e-mail address along with a mention about which skin problem you have.
If a study comes up that you might be interested in, we can then contact you.

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